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Hunts and Package

For booking, please contact us at 281-750-6901

Hunts and Pricing at a glance

Half Day, Guided Hunts:

Waterfowl - $250 per gun

Special White-winged Dove - $150 per gun

South Zone Dove - $125 per gun


Waterfowl and Dove Combo - $350 per gun

5 Hunt Package - Discount of 20% per gun per hunt, (example: 5 waterfowl hunts at $200 per gun)


50% Deposit Required at Time of Booking

Guided Waterfowl Hunts


$250 Per Gun/Per half day


Early Teal Season, Ducks, Geese, and Sandhill Crane


East Bernard, Eagle Lake, El Campo, and Wharton. Your guide will contact you the day before your hunt to determine a final meeting location.


Four person minimum for a PRIVATE party, but we can handle parties of any size. 

Less than four people?:

We would love to have you join us, and you will be grouped with other smaller parties to a group size of 4-8 people. 


At ​Pradera Hunting Club we focus on the quality of your hunt, this includes smaller parties and focus on habitat and pressure management to insure that we maximize your opportunity to shoot decoying birds.

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

Dove Hunts


Special White Wing: $150 Per Gun/Per half day

South Zone: $125 Per Gun/Per half day


Our dove hunts will vary based on birds but with expanses of milo, rice, corn, managed pastures, and roost areas we have options for pass shooting and feeding fields. 

Our dove hunts can be packaged with waterfowl hunts for a full day of wing shooting!

Frequently Asked Questions

- Do you offer lodging?

We have partners that we work with to offer lodging. Please contact us to determine availability or we con provide you with recommendations of local hotel options if preferred. 

- Can I bring a non-shooting kid or adult to experience a hunt?

ABSOLUTELY! We love to introduce people of all ages to this sport and a heritage behind it, however that spot does not count as towards the group minimum requirements. All we ask is that you let us know so that we can anticipate the spot. 

-Do I need waders?

Waders are not required but may help make your hunt more enjoyable depending upon weather and location. However, you can get by with rubber boots on all of our hunts.

- What size shot/shells would you recommend?

Dove = #6-7 1/2

Teal = #4-6 steel

Ducks =#2-4 steel

Geese = #BB-2 steel

Cranes = #BB-2 steel (most crane hunts will also have the opportunity to harvest geese, so we recommend shooting steel while not required for cranes specifically)

- Where are we meeting? What time? I need a plan!

We approach choosing our hunting locations differently than most in that we try to gather every bit of information we can before choosing your hunt location. If you book a hunt well in advance, all we can provide at that time are general notes and a final meeting time and plan will be nailed down 12-36 hours before you hunt. In general, plan to meeting 1-2 hours before legal shooting time in the East Bernard/Wharton area.

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